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case study - Penny Bailey

To give you an insight into what makes a bespoke garment Penny Bailey of Bailey Solutions shares her recent experience of Wendy Ward Bespoke Dressing.

What made you use Wendy Ward Bespoke Dressing?
"I was having difficulty finding business suits that stand up to the wear and tear of travelling and still look smart when you arrive. I travel to meetings by car, train or plane and I wear my suits some days for 10-14 hours. I found it very difficult to find suits that flatter my figure or in the right colours even though I can shop around the country when I travel. I also wanted something that felt professional but at the same time was a bit different and fun."

What happened?  Can you briefly describe the process?
"Wendy came to my house and we went though my wardrobe. Wendy asked me to explain which clothes I liked wearing and why and which clothes made me feel uncomfortable. Wendy also asked me lots of questions about my lifestyle and what colours I like. We then had a measuring session more thorough than any I had experienced before! Wendy clearly knows a lot about the female figure, how it changes as we sit and move and how to make a flat piece of cloth fit round our curves."

How did the experience of having clothes designed and made for you make you feel?
"I realised that I had been settling for badly fitting clothes in the absence of anything else.
It made me feel very special. I have also noticed other people noticing the quality and reacting very positively to me. It means I can stop worrying about what I Iook like and concentrate on the business of the day.
I enjoyed playing a part in the creation of the clothes and I love knowing that they are totally unique and that they suit my body shape. There is nothing like good fitting clothes in flattering colours to give you confidence when you are wearing them.

skirt suit designs  
At least 2 calico toiles (samples) are made for each garment, to ensure that they fit like a glove.


Has your experience with Wendy Ward Bespoke affected how you shop for clothes?
"I still buy high street and mail order clothes, but I am trying to build a co-ordinated wardrobe rather than buying the latest throw away fashion. I now look for clothes that are well made.
I expect my clothes to work harder for me now. I am much more careful about what I buy. Wendy gave me some excellent tips about what shapes suit me and I now can keep them in mind when I go shopping."

Was it a good solution to your original problem?
"Most definitely yes! I now have two suits and one skirt that stand up to the rigours of my business day.

Two of Penny’s finished suits in action.
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