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How does it work?

Creating a bespoke garment takes a lot longer than going out shopping for ready-to-wear clothes on the high street, but it is worth it; you can have a big influence on the fabric, style and colour of the clothes I will create for you.

Here is a short explanation of each of the stages involved in creating a bespoke garment.

The process begins with an in-depth consultation. We will talk in detail about your requirements ie. what is the occasion, where, what will you be doing whilst there – standing, sitting, dancing, etc. We will then go on to discuss where you currently shop for clothes. This will lead to an analysis of clothing from your current wardrobe – where I will ask you to show me some of your favourite outfits and colours and also any outfits that you have rarely worn. We will also talk about any concerns that you may have about your physical appearance which influence your choice of clothing.

From this meeting I will put together a written account that will summarise our meeting and make recommendations for colours and styles of clothes that would work well for you. This will form the starting point for me to create designs unique to you. For me this consultation is essential to creating an outfit that will be exactly right for you, not only a reflection of your personality, but will fit like a glove and in which you will feel fantastic.

The next stage is to present you with a selection of designs from which to work and to start making decisions about fabrics. To make a bespoke garment requires high quality fabric. I can source beautiful luxurious fabrics that will never be found in ready to wear clothing, thus ensuring that your outfit is even more special.

Once we have agreed upon a design, toiles or sample garments are made. These are used to assess the fit of the garments, to check how the design works on you and to make any necessary adjustments. Sometimes only one or two samples are necessary and sometimes as many as four or five depending upon the complexity of your design.

final garments
Once the toiles have been completed work can begin on the final garments. This can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the number of garments involved and the complexity of your design. All garments are made in-house to the highest standards.

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is it for you?
* Are you always searching for clothes that you can’t find?
* Do you hate shopping for clothes?
* Can you never seem to find enough time for shopping?
* Are you bored of nothing ever fitting properly?
* Are you fed up of buying poor quality clothes?
* Would you like advice about the colours and shapes that would best suit you?
* Do you want to look a bit different and not like everyone else?
* Do you have a special occasion coming up?
* Would you like to have some input in the design of your clothes?
* Are you looking for clothes that will be an investment and that you can keep for years?
* Would you like to have a change of image?
* Do you just want to be pampered or do you deserve a treat?
* Would you like to know more about how your clothes were made and who made them?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions bespoke dressing could be what you're looking for.

guide prices:
Single garments e.g., skirt/trousers: £250+
Lined dress: £400+
Lined jacket or coat: £500+
2 piece outfit: £700+
3 piece outfit: £900+
These are guide prices only and are affected by the complexity of designs. They do not include the cost of fabrics.
Consultations are also available separately to assist in the search for a ready to wear outfit at £150.

The whole process usually takes between 6-8 weeks. Projects will need to be booked in advance if they are required for a specific date.

how does it work?
is it for you?
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