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The creation of a garment that originally began as a flicker of an idea inside my head still seems to me to be a bit like magic. It's even better when I share that process with a client and the excitement spreads across their face as they can see what I see.

I made my first garment aged 12 with some help from my dad and a beautiful old Singer sewing machine which weighed a ton. I've moved on a bit since then. I now have a first class BA degree in Fashion and an MA in Design. I spent six years working as a designer and have designed for very different parts of the fashion industry; from cheap & cheerful disposable fashion to the niche market of fair trade clothing. My designs have sold in a diverse range of places including Marks & Spencer and Harrods.

My love of the whole creative and making process and the realisation that more and more people are looking for individual, highly crafted, luxurious and well-fitting clothing led to the creation of Wendy Ward bespoke dressing.

Rediscover the value of real clothing created specifically for you, where clothes are made to fit you rather than making yourself fit the clothes.


As people become more concerned about where their clothes come from and want to wear clothes that look a bit different to everyone else’s, I have seen a revival of interest in sewing. I teach various sewing, dressmaking and textiles classes at the Connaught Centre in Hove, from complete beginners to more experimental and advanced levels

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